Body care is important as protection for the body, but also for comfort and well-being. Most of the at have more focus on the facial care itself than the body care. But the skin on the body also needs care and attention. Especially since we expose it to soap which most often contains various sulphates which in addition to cleansing unfortunately also degreases the skin. And, this is where the skin’s own microbiome is disturbed. If the skin is constantly degreased, it dries out and becomes gray, or at least red and itchy. We have therefore developed both serum oil and aroma body oils. Common to all the products is that they penetrate quickly and you will instantly experience a beautiful and supple skin. The body oils act as a healthy meal packed with omega and vitamins.

Our Aroma body oil contains natural essential oils which smell intoxicating of spa and delicacy. Our Restoring Body Serum body oil is specially designed for extra dry skin and mature skin. We have used an organic algae extract, wakame which is a “high performance” asset, which works in the outer layer of the skin, epidermis to boost the dry surface, and by optimizing the skin’s own natural sebum. This achieves the balance of the skin. Precisely because the skin’s microbiome is fed, it becomes able to “reset” itself and thereby come into balance. The result is a beautiful vital and glowing skin on the body.

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