Our natural facial care is hand-touched luxury and consists exclusively of plant-based cosmetic ingredients and oils. Facial care must be both healthy and effective on the outside, but certainly also on the inside. Therefore, all our products are based on both natural or organic ingredients. We carefully select the ingredients based on their local level in relation to their level of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Most of our face oils are cold pressed, raw and clean. Our focus in addition to the nutritional value is how the product feels on your skin, and whether the oils are breathable and feel delicious and comfortable on your skin. None of our facial oils clog the skin. They are all delicate facial oils that your skin can easily and quickly absorb.

We love natural assets, and therefore you will find more natural “high performance” assets in our product portfolio. We love both minerals and stingy algae extracts, and of course the botanical herbs and floral extracts which in a natural and gentle way can do something good for your skin. In addition, the products are chosen based on the idea that they should support your skin’s own “skin film”. Therefore, we do not have any products that have a pH that is far from your skin’s own. Our view on skin care is that it should function as a meal so that the skin itself is able to strengthen itself.

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