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Sos Multi Olie - E-vitamin / 15 ML

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Vitamin E multi oil helps repair the skin to become healthy and strong. The oil is used to restore irritated skin as a natural aid to promote the renewal process. 

· Extra rich and natural e-vitamin multi oil with many purposes
· Renew and regenerates irritated skin
· The oil feels deliciously light and does not stick to the skin
· Perfume free

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Vitus Vinifera Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil.  

Sos Multi Olie - E-vitamin / 15 ML

229,00 kr

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Vitamin E multi oil is used on all areas of the skin that need to be restored and strengthened. Vitamin E or Tocopherol as it is also called, in its pure form is sticky and viscous.

In order for the oil to have the opportunity to be absorbed, it is composed with the luxury oils jojoba and grape seed oil, both of which give the multi oil a delicious feeling on the skin. Skøn's e-vitamin is a cosmos-certified vegetable and organic version, which comes from soy and is dissolved in sunflower oil. 

The effect:

Consider extra rich and natural vitamin e multi oil protects and repairs the skin. Because it can be used for many purposes, it quickly becomes your favorite oil to dab on top of the skin along with your sunscreen.

A pair of red winter cheeks after a day in the cold, or irritated skin as well as delicate baby skin that needs rest will greatly benefit from the oil. The content of vitamin E and the delicious oils become this incredibly effective oil, which helps to repair and renew the skin so that it becomes healthy and strong. 


What is vitamin e oil good for?

Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant that is used to fight and protect against outsiders. In its pure form, the antioxidant vitamin E works by fighting the destructive effects of free radicals, which have a degenerating effect on the skin. Vitamin E stimulates and protects the cells so that the skin is thereby restored and strengthened. Skøn e-vitamin multi oil is a little helper with a high content of vitamin e, which promotes the skin's natural defense against cell breakdown. This optimizes the skin so that it appears healthier and stronger. 

Is vitamin E protective in the sun?

It is said that vitamin e absorbs some of the UV light and thereby works to counteract sun damage and the actual breakdown of the skin's elastin and collagen. Therefore, it can be a good idea to use your sunscreen together with a few drops of vitamin e oil. Thereby you achieve optimization and further prevention of the degrading effect that UV light has on the skin. This happens because vitamin E promotes the skin's defenses and has a regenerative effect. Therefore, it is definitely also good to use vitamin E in the evening to repair the day's damage. 

Where and how is vitamin e oil used?

Vitamin E multi oil can be used anywhere where the skin needs a stimulating and regenerative process. This can, for example, be in the case of wounds that need to be healed, skin irritations, delicate skin, baby skin, or in connection with impure skin, which also continuously needs restorative care. The skin is improved by continuously applying vitamin E. A few drops on the brittle nails, or the rough skin, is also a welcome help. Vitamin E multi oil is overall an excellent skin care product for continuously repairing the skin in general and locally. 

Can you have too much vitamin E oil?

No, not as long as it's about vitamin E in skin care products. With oral intake, it is something else. However, you have probably noticed that vitamin E often appears in your skin care products. This is because the antioxidant helps to slow down the breakdown, so that your skin care products are kept fresh longer and the essential oils do not go rancid and form unwanted radicals. Therefore, we can only recommend that you use e-vitamin multi oil continuously in your daily skin care. It's right from a drop on top of your night cream, a drop on the irritated skin or on the cracked nails and lips.

How to use the product:

E-vitamin multi oil

You can use e-vitamin multi oil both day and night. The oil can be used anywhere where the skin needs regenerative help.

1/ Start by cleansing the skin.

2/ Take two to three drops of e-vitamin multi oil into the fingertips. 

3/ Rub your fingers together so that the oil is heated. 

4/ Then massage the product into the skin.

Vitamin E multi-oil is recommended with:

Multibalm - Salve

Because e-vitamin multi oil is a hybrid product, you can use many different products together with it. It ranges from your anti age cream to nourishing ointment.

But this combination here with vitamin e multi oil and our Multi Balm ointment is great for delicate and vulnerable skin. Whether it's hands, cheeks, babies or rough areas, it's a nourishing and good combination for especially vulnerable skin. Both products will add regeneration and protection 

Here's how you do it:

1/ Start by cleaning the skin, or if it's hands, wash them. 

2/ Take a small appropriate amount of Multi Balm out onto the fingertips. 

3/ Afterwards, massage the product into the skin so that you can feel the ointment being absorbed. 

4/ Then the e-vitamin oil is dabbed on top, and possibly patted into the skin with small pats.

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