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Facial care

We all have different skin, needs and challenges and not least different rhythms. That is why we do our utmost when we develop products. We are thinking about how we can make the best skin care products for you who are in a hurry and want results right away.

And we are thinking of you who are experiencing challenges with your skin, such as dry skin, sensitive skin, impure skin, irritated skin or oily skin - which requires a more in-depth facial with active ingredients.

Face cream for daily face care

That is why you will find pure simple hybrid products here with us at Skøn Skincare, which you can use for several things and which suit all skin types. Perfect when you want to cleanse the skin daily and apply a good face cream, remove makeup or avoid unwanted redness.

You will find products with active and documented ingredients, where there are several studies behind. These are potent plant assets that can really make a difference to your skin and daily facial care. We can reveal that we are constantly working behind the scenes to find the purest and most effective ingredients, to provide you with the best skin care products and creams for the face with visible results based on your skin's needs.

Facial care for all skin types

There are many different variants of face care and many face creams on the market in both 50 ml and 30 ml, so it can be challenging to find the right face cream for the type of skin you have. The first step to a healthy skin and a good skin care routine, is to find out what characterizes your skin type.

There are also several external factors to consider that affect the skin. Just as one must also keep in mind that the skin changes with age. And with reduced elasticity, your skin may need a good anti-aging face cream with essential oils and active ingredients that bind moisture.

So spend some time getting to know your skin better and give your skin a good face cream with moisturizing ingredients that counteract skin problems and impurities, care for the skin and give you a harmonious and healthy skin. Most face creams are developed with moisturizing properties, which the skin needs regardless of skin type.

How to know what skin type you have:

Find out if you have normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, impure skin, sensitive skin or irritated skin and learn more about how you can best care for your skin and which creams to go for.

Normal hud

Normal skin probably describes what all women most want. A clean and fresh skin that radiates without being dry or oily. The skin tone is usually even and the pores are small and almost invisible. Although this best characterizes your skin, you can not avoid getting a pimple every now and then, or at times experience that the skin becomes a little oily.

Regardless of whether you cleanse the skin every day and remove makeup, the skin can also be affected by hormonal factors by e.g. menstruation. But it is generally not something you are bothered by if the skin is otherwise healthy and hassle-free. With age, one can make sure to use an anti age cream which reduces fine lines and minimizes wrinkles.

Dry skin

Dry skin can be found all over the body. But most often it is the face that is exposed to the tight feeling when the skin is dry. Often the skin also peels and itches, and you can suffer from unwanted redness on the face.

However, dry skin is not considered a skin problem, although it is certainly perceived as one. It's really just a definition of a skin type. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose facial care with moisturizing ingredients that can moisturize the skin or supplement with a few drops of facial oil or facial serum for extra glow before applying your day cream.

Greasy skin

Oily skin more often tends to get pimples and blemishes. The skin also feels oily, especially around the T-zone of the forehead, nose and chin. By choosing a facial care consisting of good cleansing products, day cream, night cream and serum adapted to a dry skin type, you can reduce the irritations and get a more balanced skin.

Unfortunately, many people with oily skin also make the mistake of trying to dry out the skin, which ultimately only results in an overproduction of oil. The oily skin feels best from a mild, daily cleansing, moisturizing serum and a light face cream. This will prevent your skin from shining.

hours hud

Impure skin on the face affects most people at some point in life. Teenagers and young adults often go through a period of acne and impurities during puberty due to increased sebum production, which is quite normal and something that will improve over time.

But adult women, and men for that matter, also experience impure skin to a greater or lesser extent later in life. For women, it may be related to hormonal changes in the body, but nonetheless, it causes many frustrations. Always avoid scratching and squeezing impurities with your fingers or nails. This can cause dirt and irritation.

Instead, make sure you cleanse your skin with facial care products adapted to impure skin and always remember to remove makeup every night and choose products without perfume, dyes and oil.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin, or delicate and sensitive skin, is something that can affect all skin types. But it can also be genetically determined, and in that case something you have to live with all your life. Sensitive skin is in a way in constant imbalance, as the levels of moisture and fat vary and therefore the skin can seem irritated and sensitive.

Impurities, redness and itching may occur even if you use creams and cleansers. Sensitive skin is often sensitive to external influences from external factors, such as environmental pollutants, parabens in your skin care or strong sun. Therefore, remember to choose facial care that is gentle without parabens, dyes or perfume. And use sunscreen on your face when the sun is high in the sky.

How to find the right face cream:

Hopefully you have become a little wiser on what skin type you have or what skin problems you are struggling with. With us you will find a wide selection of facial care and creams that can be used several times a day.

But basically it is about finding good routines for his skin care. By pampering yourself and your skin with quality products, you can counteract skin problems, redness, dirt and impurities, oily skin, fine lines and irritation.

6 skin care products for your skin care routine

  1. Cleaning products

  2. Serum

  3. Day cream

  4. Eye cream

  5. Natcreme

  6. Scrub and peeling

Good cleaning products with a scrub every now and then

Every skin care routine should consist of these six types of facial care products. Cleansing after a long day cleanses and cleanses the skin and removes makeup and dirt. As the skin forms new skin cells every single day, it is also obvious to use a good peel up to a few times a week.

Dead skin cells are not only a challenge in your face, but on your whole body. Therefore, you can exfoliate your skin with a scrub from, for example, Skøn Skincare, Australian bodycare or other popular brands to remove the dead skin cells.

Different serums for different needs

Serum is not just for those with dry skin, as many believe. There are several different types of serum, so you can easily find a serum for your own skin type. According to many beauty experts, a serum is a must in the skin care routine, which is why it should be a part of your daily facial care. The serum contains many active ingredients and penetrates deep into the skin. There are many benefits to using a serum as it adds moisture, rebuilds the skin and gives a supple, soft and smoothing feeling.

Day cream, night cream and eye cream

Face creams come in many different varieties and from many different brands, such as Skøn Skincare or Beauté Pacifique. For example, most face creams used during the day contain UV protection from the sun's rays. Whereas in a night cream for natural reasons it is not necessary.

On the other hand, a night cream takes care of your skin and adds nourishment and moisture while you sleep, so that the skin is nourished and rebuilt by the cream. Many women also choose to use an eye cream, as eye cream is a type of face cream specially adapted to the sensitive and often thin skin we have around the eyes. A good cream helps to moisturize and makes the skin around your eyes more elastic and soft while minimizing fine lines.

Facial care from Skøn Skincare

At Skøn Skincare you will find a number of natural and Danish-produced products for face, body and hair. Our natural facial care is hand-touched luxury and consists exclusively of plant-based cosmetic ingredients and oils. Facial care must be both healthy and effective on the outside, but certainly also on the inside. Therefore, all our products are based on both natural or organic ingredients. A face cream from Skøn Skincare is available in several sizes, both 30 ml and 50 ml.

All orders are sent as soon as possible, so you are guaranteed delivery of your carefully selected cream and facial care within a few days. In addition, all orders can be tracked so you always know where your package is located. Let your skin shine and become healthy, glowing and supple with a soft and comfortable feeling every day with natural facial care from our wide range of face creams and facial care. Find the cream that suits your skin best right here on the site.


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