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Cleaning products

Cleansing products are available in a sea of different varieties, adapted to all skin types - whether you have normal skin, combination skin, oily skin, impure skin, dry skin or sensitive skin. The very purpose of using cleaning products and soap is to clean the skin of bacteria, dirt and makeup. Preferably both morning and evening.

Cleanse with gel, milk or foam

Facial cleansers are available in several different consistencies, each with their own good properties. There is both cleansing milk, cleansing gel, cleansing foam and soap. The most important thing about a cleansing product is that it gently removes impurities and dead skin cells without drying out or irritating the skin.

  • Gel - cleansing gel almost melts on the skin, contains nourishing oils and can often also be used as a face mask. Perfect for all skin types, especially normal, dry and mature skin

  • Oil - cleansing oil is a delicate and silky oil that leaves the skin supple, clear and glowing

  • Milk - cleansing milk is creamy with fats, perfect if the skin is dry and peeling, as it adds lots of moisture and preserves the skin's natural moisture and fats

  • Foam - cleansing foam is actually a fusion between cleanser and tonic, it is airy and light, removes excess oil and cleans effectively but gently, perfect for oily or impure skin

Why should I use cleaning products?

Cleansing products gently remove make-up, prevent clogged pores and give you well-cared-for skin. A thorough cleansing routine is therefore essential to get beautiful skin that is well-balanced and healthy. The skin is washed with mild cleansing products morning and evening to ensure that the skin is clean of make-up, dirt and impurities.

Remove makeup and avoid impurities

Regardless of whether you use a lot of makeup or a little, you must use facial cleanser all over your face to remove remnants of makeup that can otherwise cause skin problems, such as impurities, acne or blackheads. All make-up and waterproof mascara must be washed off your face before using serum or face oil and day cream or night cream.

Counteract oily skin

Do you have oily skin? Or do you experience an oily t zone? Then you must use cleansing products especially suitable for oily skin. The reason why some people get oily skin on the face is because the skin overproduces sebum. Therefore, it is important to use skin care and cleansing products developed for oily skin. Cleansing gel or cleansing foam often suits this skin type very well.

Gel and cleansing foam have a wonderful consistency that feels wonderfully light and can be simply massaged into the skin. In addition, a cleansing product suitable for oily skin is packed with active ingredients and e vitamin, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and cares for oily skin, while the product works to reduce sebum production.

Add moisture to dry skin

Do you have dehydrated skin and dry skin on your face? Then your skin needs moisture. A normal skin type also needs moisture-retaining ingredients for the face, but this may be especially important for you with dry skin.

Choose a facial cleanser that gently cares for the skin, removes dead skin cells and cleanses the skin of makeup and impurities. Without further drying out the skin. A cleansing milk is based on fats and has a beautiful and creamy consistency - perfect when the skin feels dry.

There are different skin types and some find that they always have, and have had, dry skin. Others find that they suffer from dryness for periods of time, which can well be explained by external factors. This can be due to weather and wind, climate effects, hormones, stress or using the wrong skin care products.

Protect sensitive skin

Sensitive skin, sensitive skin or sensitive skin is a skin type that is often out of balance. The skin is sensitive to external influences, sometimes becomes dry and other times oily. Some also experience redness, pimples and pores during periods when you just want to have beautiful skin.

The sensitive skin type does not really find peace and therefore needs mild cleansing products. Mild cleanser soothes, repairs and moisturizes. It should preferably be without perfume, parabens or other fillers. Choose a cleansing gel or cleansing oil made only from natural and organic ingredients that gently cleanses and cares for the skin on your face every day.

Avoid pimples and impure skin

Do you suffer from impure skin, pimples, acne, visible pores and blackheads? Then you can reduce skin problems on your face by using facial cleanser specially adapted to skin with impurities. Skin care for impure skin cleans the skin in depth and ensures that dirt, impurities and bacteria do not cause clogged pores.

If you don't clean the skin both morning and night with a good cleansing milk, cleansing gel or cleansing foam, the number of pimples can quickly go the wrong way. In your local pharmacy, you will find cleaning products if the skin needs medical treatment.

But there is much you can do yourself to reduce impurities and prevent pimples and pores. Choosing a facial cleanser suitable for impure skin is a first and important step in your skin care.

Avoid pores and care for combination skin

A combined skin type is characterized by the fact that you can have several skin types. All skin types need a thorough cleansing routine. But a combined skin type may need several different cleansing products, as you can have normal skin in large parts of the face, while you have, for example, an oily t zone.

The T-zone is defined as the areas around the forehead, down the nose and chin. If you have combination skin, you often find that the skin is more oily in the t-zone, and therefore it can be a good idea to use a cleansing product for oily skin in this exact area.

Restore elasticity with anti age

Just as your hair loses its pigment and turns gray, your skin cells also change as you age. But it's nothing to be sad about. It may well be that your mature skin gets more fine lines and becomes less elastic. It happens to all skin types. But fortunately there are good opportunities to find a cleansing product, a cleansing milk, cleansing gel, soap or oil that cleanses mature skin and makes it supple again.

Get beautiful, glowing skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines with an anti age facial cleanser. Skin care and facial cleanser for the mature skin type helps to strengthen and tighten the skin. Choose a fragrance-free cleanser for extra gentle care, or treat yourself to a mild perfume that smells heavenly and takes your mind to a relaxing spa in a soothing setting.

Remember! Clean with facial cleanser every day

Yes, actually both morning and evening. Only use soap and facial cleanser developed for the skin on the face - ordinary hand soap is very drying and does not remove make-up as effectively. Facial cleanser gently removes dirt, pollution and grime after a long day and preserves moisture. Feel free to also use a good scrub or peeling from Skøn Skincare or other well-known brands such as Australian bodycare, to remove dead skin cells once in a while. One or a few times a week is enough.

5 good rules to remember:

  • Always remember to clean the skin every morning before using your day cream

  • Always remember to clean the skin every night, and make sure to remove make-up and dirt before using your night cream

  • Preferably use a serum after cleansing with a cleansing product, but before using cream

  • Remember to choose cleansing products suitable for your skin type

  • Remember to choose natural products with or without perfume that are gentle on the skin

Order your facial cleanser online

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