"We connect you with nature"


Organic ingredients

Ecocert & Soil Association

Handmade luxury

Fresh and hand-touched enjoyment

No fillers

No volumizing ingredients

““90% of all our products are water-free and contain no volumizing ingredients. in this way we can make the products extremely rich and concentrated and thereby avoid questionable unnecessary ingredients""


Natural raw materials

We only use the best raw materials and oils with the highest level of natural vitamins and omegas that support your skin's own microbiome. We only use oils and active ingredients that gently wrap around the skin without clogging. Our goal is for your skin to immediately experience calmness and balance so that it can glow beautifully and vitally.


Healthy value chain

When we develop our products, we only choose ingredients that meet all the requirements set by the certification schemes Ecocert, USDA and The Soil Association. It provides assurance that the entire journey of the raw material from cultivation to final product is handled in a decent and caring manner with regard to both people and the planet.

Transparency & honesty

All our raw materials come from Danish suppliers. We primarily use ingredients with Ecocert natural and Cosmos certifications, as this is a guarantee that the cultivation method is green and environmentally responsible. Therefore, approx. 90-95% of our skin care products consist of Ecocert certified raw materials. As we own the production ourselves, we will be able to quickly change recipes in line with new knowledge within environmentally sound and responsible skin care. Our goal is to constantly be at the forefront of development and thereby optimize the content of the products, but also in our production processes with responsibility for people and the planet as the supporting element for all our choices of raw materials and partners.


Holistic approach

For SKØN, wellness is an overall account of pleasure, effect and responsibility, and therefore we work with a holistic approach to all our processes, including those connected to the actual manufacture of the cosmetics. Therefore, our choice of raw materials and the people who work with SKØN become the most important thing and form the core of SKØN and all our actions and values.


Sustainable bottom line

At Skøn, we work with two bottom lines. One is profit so that we are able to develop and grow, and the other bottom line is about social responsibility. Taking the environment into account is a must, but also thinking about people and the local environment. We have a social focus on people who do not necessarily fit into the usual labor market and we are a workplace with focus on diversity.

Our objective

We want to create products that both you and your skin will love. we want our products to work effectively and really make a difference for you. We work to create green, local workplaces that ensure fair wages and healthy working conditions. We produce in smaller sizes so that the products are always fresh. We reduce overconsumption and waste.


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