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Anti age
Anti age
Anti age
Anti age
Anti age
Anti age
Anti age
Anti age
Anti age

Anti age creme

When the skin loses its barrier with age and thereby becomes thinner, it is more available for a rapid aging process. Here, burst vessels, lines and sun damage will appear more clearly. Therefore, Skøn Skincare's thinking regarding the optimal Anti Age care for mature skin is first and foremost the general health of the skin.

Preventive anti aging skin care

Therefore, our anti age strategy is to optimize the skin's barriers and health with delicious anti age creams. Because we believe that it is prevention itself that creates the best results for optimal and effective skin care. Therefore, Skøn's products work based on the idea of building up the skin's microbiome, i.e. the skin's own bacteria.

These should not be disturbed with strong acid and skewed pH values, but rather stimulated and nourished so that the bacterial flora remains healthy and strong so that dark circles, visible signs of aging and deep wrinkles are counteracted.

Anti aging with vitamin a and vitamin c

Therefore, our anti age strategy is that the products should nourish the skin's good bacteria almost like a "meal". Because the skin's microbiome itself becomes strong, saturated with moisture and increases its barrier, the skin comes into balance and gets a beautiful glow.

Skøn's anti age products are combined with ingredients that are both prebiotic and nourishing without disturbing the flora. In addition, our anti age products contain several different potent and documented active ingredients, healthy and natural raw materials that help to remove wrinkles.

Natural and green raw materials

Green luxury products, where each raw material in an anti-age face cream is selected for their proven effect, content of vitamins, antioxidants and delicate oils. The products are rich in vitamin A, linger and feel pleasant on the skin. Common is the anti-aging effect, which helps to stimulate the skin and leaves your skin beautiful, well-groomed and vital. 

That is why you must use anti-aging skin care

Anti age cream suits all skin types and counteracts the natural signs of aging - such as visible lines, delicate skin, wrinkled skin and sagging skin. As we get older, the skin's fat layer decreases and therefore mature skin is often more lax and thin. As elasticity deteriorates, fine lines and wrinkles appear. Therefore, anti age cream in the form of anti age day cream, night cream and eye cream can help take care of the thin skin.

5 benefits of anti aging and anti age serum:

  • Anti age reduces fine lines

  • Anti age reduces wrinkles

  • Anti age has a firming effect

  • Anti age contains active ingredients that boost the skin

  • Anti age is suitable for all skin types

Which anti aging cream should you bet on

Anti aging and intensive wrinkle cream is basically about getting a younger appearance. But it is just as much about prevention, care and taking care of your skin. Even before the first signs of aging appear. There are a multitude of anti age products on the market from Danish brands such as beauté pacifique and Skøn Skincare. At Skøn Skincare you will find anti age serum, anti age day cream, anti age night cream and anti age eye cream suitable for all skin types.

Effective wrinkle cream

A good wrinkle cream, or anti age cream, has a light consistency which is quickly absorbed by the skin and works as a moisturizing day cream. Use your wrinkle cream on cleansed skin and complement with an anti aging serum. Anti aging cream reduces wrinkles and fine lines. It is a face cream that boosts the skin with moisture and nourishing active ingredients. The best wrinkle creams can be used on a daily basis and contain plenty of vitamin A.

Anti-aging cream with firming effect

Anti age cream is suitable for different skin types, so you can easily use face cream with anti age effect even if you have delicate skin, sensitive skin, dry skin or impure skin. The best wrinkle creams have a firming effect with plenty of antioxidants as well as vitamin A and vitamin C. The skin's natural formation of collagen decreases with age and therefore the skin becomes more lax, elasticity is significantly reduced and many suffer from wrinkles and dry nails.

Anti age serum boosts collagen production

A highly effective way to prevent the breakdown of collagen is to use a good cream and serum that can help boost the skin's natural collagen production. Collagen is a protein which in itself is difficult to add to the skin, as the molecules are too large for the skin to be able to absorb them. But there are several vitamins, including vitamin A, that have a positive effect on the production of collagen.

Fight free radicals

Free radicals, also called Reactive Oxygen Species, are molecules that are formed by harmful UV rays and pollution. A reaction is created between the skin's cells and these molecules, which makes the skin cells unstable and weakens the skin's ability to repair itself.

Vitamin a, vitamin c and vitamin e is a terrific combination that looks good on the skin and contributes to the natural formation of collagen. Therefore, good wrinkle cream in most cases contains a cocktail of these vitamins, as well as a lot of other nourishing and active ingredients. It helps the skin form new collagen and slows down the aging of your skin.

When should you start anti-aging skin care?

What most people want to know is when to start using anti aging creams? But there is no clear answer to that. People are different, and it's just as different when the first fine lines and wrinkles appear.

The first wrinkles

In general, it can be said that the first visible signs of aging on the skin usually appear around the age of 30-35. Then the skin's elastic properties begin to deteriorate and the first fine lines appear. Especially the skin around the eyes, where the skin is normally much thinner, is starting to show signs of becoming looser.

Cream for young skin

At a young age, from the teenage years up to the twenties, the skin is firm, glowing and smooth. The biggest enemy at this time is the sun's rays and impure skin, so the important thing here is to remember to use sunscreen and possibly cream that counteracts impure skin. There are good creams for young skin that both moisturize the skin and protect it from the harmful UV rays.

Cream for mature skin

It is when the skin starts to get more wrinkles and lose elasticity, firmness and resilience that it makes good sense to find a good anti age cream for your daily skin care routine. Anti wrinkle creams together with an anti aging serum and a wonderful night cream will do wonders for the skin and reduce visible wrinkles, reduce fine lines and add vitamin A for visible results.

3 signs that you should start anti-aging:

  1. You're in your late 20s - it's a good idea to start by preventing signs of aging by adding plenty of moisture

  2. You are in your early 30s - and feel that your skin needs it, as the skin begins to change and become drier

  3. You are 35 years old - and the fine lines and wrinkles are really starting to show

But remember that it's never too late to start using anti aging products! Anti-ageing creams prevent dry skin, give the skin a supplement of vitamin A, prevent wrinkles and care for delicate skin.


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