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Body care

Body care is important as protection of the body, but also for comfort and well-being. Most of us focus more on face care than body care. But the skin on the body also needs care and maintenance. Especially since we expose it to hand soap, which most often contains various sulfates, which, in addition to cleaning, unfortunately also degrease the skin from its own barriers.

Just as you take care of your face, nails and hands and spend time on hair removal, hair care and your general health, it is also important to remember the skin on the body. The range of body care consists of everything from shower gel, body lotion, intimate care, foot care and body scrub to creams, anti age and body oils - yes, everything you need to care for the skin.

Natural skin care products

The use of soap or hand soap disrupts the skin's own microbiome when it is constantly degreased and dried out. The skin becomes more dull and gray and, in the worst case, it becomes red and itchy. That is why we have focused on developing skin care products such as both serum and oil, which work extra actively with pleasant body oils and pleasant scents.

Common to all body care products is that they penetrate quickly and you will immediately experience beautiful, soft and supple skin. The body oils act as a healthy meal packed with omegas, antioxidants and vitamins. They are suitable for all skin types, whether you have dry and sensitive skin, oily skin, impure skin or normal skin.

Body care for all skin types

Greasy skin

Regardless of skin type, the skin on the body can also become oily. A good body scrub is a really good idea and a body lotion that is not so greasy.

Dry skin

If the skin is dry, it often peels. Many women may experience this especially on their legs and in winter, when the air is cold and dry. Use a moisturizing body oil as it soothes and moisturizes the skin.

Sensitive skin

The delicate skin needs mild and gentle body care that cleans, nourishes and moisturizes without irritating or drying out. Look for natural, allergy-friendly and organic products.

Orange peel

Orange skin, or cellulite, is characterized by small bumps caused by poor blood circulation and small fat deposits in the underdog. Often on the buttocks, thighs and buttocks, where we naturally have more fat. There are specially developed creams that, in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, can reduce the amount of orange peel.

Stretch marks

Most people have stretch marks and scars on the body. They can occur in many ways, but often have a link to hormones. For women, this means, among other things, that you have been pregnant and therefore have stretch marks, especially on your stomach.

Body oils

Our Aroma body oil contains natural essential oils, which smell intoxicatingly of spa and deliciousness. Our Restoring Body Serum body oil is specially designed for extra dry skin and mature skin. We have used Wakame algae extract, which is a "high performance" active that works in the skin's outermost layer, the epidermis helps to boost the dry surface and optimizes the skin's own natural sebum, i.e. the skin's barrier.

This results in healthy and well-moisturized skin. Our Nourishing Body Oil contains documented plant extract, which cares for the skin's microbiome, so that it becomes healthy and thereby comes into balance. The result is beautiful, vital and glowing skin on the body.

Body scrub

A body scrub effectively exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, so that the skin becomes silky soft, even and smooth again. Body scrub contains natural and abrasive raw materials such as salt or sugar, together with fragrant oils.

Our Heavenly Body Scrub with a heavenly scent of lavender can be used after a bath when the body is well moisturised. The small minerals in this body scrub are massaged in in circular motions until they melt. A body scrub therefore not only exfoliates your skin, but also revitalizes and moisturizes the skin with nourishing oil and minerals.

Body lotion

When you have exfoliated your skin, taken a shower or just when needed, you can use a body lotion, balm or body oil. A lotion adds a lot of moisture and is an essential part of your skin care. If your skin tends to be dry, it is obvious to add a cream or body lotion to your daily skin care.

Sustainable body care

At Skøn Skincare, we develop products responsibly. Our skin care contains only certified, organic and natural raw materials. No unnecessary substances.

Check before buying body care:

  • What skin type do you have?

  • What do the different lotions, shower gels, deodorants and scrubs contain?

  • Should it be with or without perfume?

Naturally, different skin types have different needs. Start from your own skin and how you experience it behaving. Does it need more moisture? Is it greasy? One that dries and peels? Or red and irritated?

What does your body care contain?

Check ingredients and raw materials. Regardless of skin type, your skin feels best with as little irritation as possible. Therefore, you should choose natural, organic and allergy-friendly products as far as possible. Also when you buy make-up, self-tanner, shampoo, aftersun, nutritional supplements and other beauty products or perfumes.

Buy body care online

You can order quality products for both hair, skin and body here at Skøn Skincare. Search, filter and sort through all our wonderful products, and finally contact us if you need help or advice. All filters can be reset again if you want to see all items. You will find our contact information at the bottom of the page if you want to write or call us.

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