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Lip balm

Soft lips with luxury lip balm

Skøn Skincare has developed lip balms for dry and chapped lips containing only healthy and nourishing oils and lots of e vitamin. The pure dream for dry lips, as our delicate lip balms care, soften and protect your lips. Here you will find, among other things, our organic lip balm Vanilla Lip Balm with shea and mango butter, jojoba, castor oil and coconut oil. A delicious salve for the lips that creates a protective barrier in cold weather and works to keep the lips soft.

Why do you get dry and chapped lips?

Are your lips dry and chapped? Chapped lips are a very common problem and require extra care. Dry lips often occur due to external influences in the form of weather, changes in humidity and temperature, sensitive skin type or colds and viruses. Therefore, most people experience that their lips become dry at times.

Cold weather

The cold weather and strong winds can be hard on the lips and the skin in general. The skin on both lips and face is thinner and often more exposed when we are out in nature. It is therefore smart to protect and prevent dry lips by using an effective lip pomade or lip balm.

Strong sun

In the summer, or on the journey south, you quickly discover how strong the sun's rays can be. Also against the lips, which can easily become sunburned, red and cracked. It can really hurt when the skin on the lips cracks and it takes a few days before it heals. Prevent sun damage on the lips with a lip balm with a sun factor and remember to apply sunscreen on the rest of the body.

Cold sore

Viruses, colds or herpes can cause cold sores on your lips. Fortunately, it heals on its own, but can be really frustrating. The best lip balms contain vitamin E, which has a healing effect at the same time as the other nourishing ingredients in a lip balm protect and prevent new sores. Cold sores are given the opportunity to heal faster with a good lip balm.

What does a good lip balm contain?

A luxurious lip balm is both organic, vegan and edible. That is, it contains nothing but pure and natural ingredients. Nourishing oils and healthy fatty acids from, among other things, shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut or mango.

Just like what we know from classic lip balms like Vaseline, which are made from mineral oils, the fats add a protective layer to your skin. Wax, beeswax (cera alba), and aloe vera are other natural ingredients that have often been used to moisturize dry lips and soften chapped lips.

Prevent dry lips by:

  • Moisturize your lips

  • Always have a lip balm in your bag

  • Use the lip balm day to day or as needed

  • Choose a lip balm with sun protection factor

Give your lips plenty of moisture

Your lips need moisture to keep from drying out. A moisturizing lip balm is the solution if you find that your lips are starting to tighten, itch or crack. Lip balms or lipstick with shea butter give well-groomed lips and smell great.

Always have a lip balm close at hand

Dry and chapped lips and cracked skin can be prevented. Lip care comes in different varieties, but the most important thing is to remember to use it. Many lip balms end up in the bathroom cupboard and stay there. Therefore, make sure you have your lip balm close at hand, so you can add moisture and protection before it's too late. That is, even before you go out in the sun or the cold weather.

Use your lip balm if needed

If you use lipstick every day, choose one that adds moisture. A moisturizing lip balm is gentle and the natural ingredients mean that you can easily use it every day. Otherwise, a lip balm is perfect to find when you feel that your lips need extra moisture or protection.

Remember sun factor in your lip balm

The lip balm with spf provides good protection for your lips when the sun's rays continue unabated

Organic lip balm

Lip balms and lip balms from Skøn Skincare are organic and made from certified ingredients that are natural and 100% vegan. Our lip balms are available with edible vanilla and refreshing peppermint and menthol. Both lip balms are moisturizing, with a pleasant fragrance, completely without parabens or other fillers. On the other hand, they are rich in nourishing oil and healing antioxidants in the form of e vitamins. Lip care in the perfect size, just to put in your bag, so you always have well-groomed and soft lips.

Keep your lips soft regardless of skin type

Your skin care is often adapted to your skin type. Lips generally need the same, regardless of whether your skin is dry or normal. As the skin on the lips is generally thinner and more fragile, it is also more sensitive and exposed to external influences.

Buy the lip balm online

When you order your lip balm, ointment or lip balm online, you get the world's best lip balm with or without spf. You get the lip balm delivered right to your door, which ensures a moisturizing balm for your lips.

Tips and tricks for skin care and soft lips

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