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Body Scrub

Delicious body scrubs

A delicious body scrub exfoliates and softens the skin and can be used on all skin types. At Skøn Skincare you will find delicious and natural body scrubs with perfectly ground epsom minerals that clean and soften the skin with a mild, abrasive effect. A good scrub removes dead skin cells, opens the pores and leaves the skin clear, silky, radiant and smooth.

5 good things about body scrubs:

  1. A body scrub exfoliates the skin

  2. A body scrub removes dead skin cells

  3. A body scrub softens the skin

  4. A body scrub reduces impure skin

  5. A body scrub increases blood circulation


The exfoliating effect in a body scrub comes from the small grains of, for example, salt or sugar, which gently massage the skin. Just as it is good to occasionally exfoliate the skin on the face, use good hair products, take care of one's nails and feet, it is also important to remember to scrub the body. If you add a body scrub to your weekly body care routine, you will get wonderfully soft, clean and fresh skin.

Remove dead skin cells

Regardless of skin type, the dead skin cells give sad, dull and dull skin. By exfoliating the skin, you can effectively remove dead skin cells, impurities and open up the pores and all filters. The grains in the scrub have an abrasive effect and help to loosen the dead skin cells and stimulate the formation of new skin cells.

Soften the skin

As the dead skin cells are regularly removed, the skin regains its normal glow and the scrub helps to soften the skin. Since a body scrub helps to clean the skin of impurities and dead skin cells, the effect of moisturizing cream and body lotion subsequently becomes even greater. Dry skin will, for example, be better able to absorb your normal skin care after an exfoliation.

Works wonders for impure skin

Body scrubs suit all skin types, such as normal skin, dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin. A scrub especially works wonders for you with impure skin on your body. Many people sometimes experience impurities on the back, chest and shoulders or elsewhere. When you use a body scrub, you clean the skin in depth and therefore reduce the risk of impurities and pimples.

Increases blood circulation

Body scrubs have many good abilities and the exfoliating property also increases blood circulation, which counteracts orange peel and stimulates the formation of new, fresh skin cells. Do you suffer from cellulite or orange skin on e.g. thighs, buttocks or stomach, a good scrub a few times a week can improve blood circulation and thus reduce the visible bumps on the skin's surface.

How to use your body scrub

When your skin needs to be cleaned in depth to regain its natural glow, a good body scrub is indispensable. Skøn Skincare's Heavenly body scrub is a salt scrub that smells heavenly of lavender oil and, like all types of body scrubs, should be used on damp skin after a bath or when you stand in the shower. Scrub the skin in small circular motions in long strokes until the small minerals melt.

Remember your feet when you scrub

Pamper yourself and your body with body care that both does good and smells magical. A perfect end to a long day or when there is time for a little pampering and alone time. Remember that you can also use our Heavenly body scrub for your feet. Add a teaspoon of body scrub to your foot bath and scrub your feet smooth and soft as part of your regular foot care.

Use a milder type of scrub for sensitive skin

If your skin is very sensitive and delicate, you need to take a little care. It is still good to use a body scrub and gently scrub the skin on the body. But choose a mild body scrub with nourishing oils that revitalize and give you soft skin without irritating.

What is the difference between scrub and peeling?

Scrub, peeling or exfoliation. A body scrub is an important part of your skincare routine, but it can be confusing when the products have different names. In general, scrub, peeling and exfoliation are the same. The result you want to achieve is the same. To get soft and smooth skin on the face or on the body and feet, by removing dead skin cells.

Peeling or exfoliating therefore means massaging the skin in circular movements. Make sure you choose a delicious body scrub that only contains natural ingredients of nourishing oils and minerals. The scrub must not be too harsh on your skin, as it can cause irritation, especially with sensitive skin.

Physical or chemical exfoliation?

The way to exfoliate or peel depends on what your body scrub is made of. Physical exfoliation means a scrub that contains natural ingredients such as salt, sugar grains or coffee grounds. A salt scrub or sugar scrub therefore contains small grains that gently massage your body and give the slightly abrasive sensation that a body scrub is for.

Natural glycolic acid

But even if you choose a body scrub with small sugar grains, you can also enjoy a natural chemical exfoliation at the same time, as sugar contains glycolic acid. Glycolic acid goes under what we know as AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which penetrates the skin and dissolves the bond between the skin cells and makes it easier to remove the dead skin cells.

Salt scrub

A salt scrub is a classic natural physical exfoliant that scrubs your skin clean with the help of salt. The grains of salt in combination with essential oils, omegas and minerals provide wonderful body care for a fantastic glow. Body scrubs with salt are perfect for normal skin, oily skin or dry skin, but if you have very delicate skin, a body scrub with sugar is gentler.

Exfoliating body care and nourishing skin care online

At Skøn Skincare, you will find a wide range per category of skin care and body care for face, body and hair. All our scrubs are developed and produced from Danish and organic raw materials that care for your face and body every day of the week and leave a beautiful, smooth, glowing and radiant feeling.

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