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Eye cream: A beauty investment in your skin care

Why is eye cream so important?
Have you ever wondered why the skin around the eye is markedly different from the rest of it facial skin? It is thin, delicate and requires special care. Therefore, eye cream is the optimal choice, also for younger skin. Dream is our new little miracle worker. It not only works to care for the skin around the eyes; it is a holistic solution that combines barrier care, moisture optimization and anti-aging technology, thanks to key ingredients such as microalgae extract.

Microalgae Extract: A Secret Against Dark Eye Areas
Enriched with microalgae extract is this eye cream a powerful opponent against dark circles. Microalgae are known for their ability to brighten and rejuvenate the skin. With regular use, the eye cream helps against the dark areas around the eyes.

Moisture optimization: Goodbye to Dehydration
Fensebiome™ peptide, an essential ingredient in Skøn Skincare's eye cream, works actively to counteract dehydration around the eye area. The peptides help maintain elasticity with intensive moisturizing care that helps maintain a youthful glow.

Anti-Aging Powerhouse: Peptides and Vitamin E
Extract from olive kernels plays a key role in strengthening the skin's barrier function. They help maintain elasticity and give your skin the support it needs. Together with vitamin E, these ingredients work in harmony to highlight the Fensebiome peptide and thus ensure that your skin receives the optimal care without unnecessary additives such as perfume.

Instructions for use: A Guide to the Magic of Eye Cream
To reap the benefits of Skøn Skincare's eye cream, you must use it carefully. Gently dab a small amount onto the outer eye area as it absorbs. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and perform their miracles.
But it doesn't stop there! The eye cream can also be used during the day, even on top of make-up, if your skin tends to have fine lines. It gives you an extra dose of moisture and protection, so you can keep the skin more vital and hydrated throughout the day.

An investment in your beauty
In general, using eye cream is a real investment in your skincare routine. With carefully selected ingredients such as microalgae extract, peptides and vitamin E, Dream delivers. So pamper your eyes with this wonderful formula and experience a fresh and vital radiance, while taking care of your skin in the most comprehensive way possible.


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