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Mastering Fall Skincare: Your Essential 5-Step Guide to Moisture and Protection

When the leaves change color and the crisp autumn air fills the air, it's time to adapt your skin care routine for autumn. Fall brings its own challenges for your skin, and it's crucial to meet them with the right products and practices. With Skøn Skincare we're here to guide you through a 5-step routine that focuses on moisture and strengthening your skin's barrier. Get ready to embrace the fall months while keeping your skin radiant and protected.

Step 1: Gentle Cleansing for Balance Kickstart your routine with Skøns Blide Rensegel, Gentle Face Cleanser Mask which is designed to clean the skin without removing the natural barrier. Balancing your skin's natural moisture is essential in autumn, as incorrect cleansing can result in increased dryness. Remember to use lukewarm water, as hot water can worsen dryness.

Step 2: Moisture Boost After cleansing, apply a few drops of Skøns Restoring Serum. This serum is your autumn skincare ally, as it attracts and retains moisture in the skin. The serum prepares your skin for the following steps and helps maintain the skin's moisture levels.

Step 3: Nourishing Moisture Lock Massage Skøns Repair Microbiome Moisturizer into the skin. This moisturizer is packed with nourishing ingredients and protects against dryness and the external influences that come with the autumn weather. Pay extra attention to areas that feel extra dry.

Step 4: Soothing Antioxidant Effort Integrate Skøns Antioxidant Serum, which acts as a triple booster at night to strengthen the skin's barrier and combat autumn's challenges. This serum repairs summer damage and contains antioxidants from blackcurrant seed oil, vitamin C and omega fatty acids. It nourishes and renews your skin while improving skin tone and evening out your skin.

Step 5: Lip care Don't forget your lips – apply a moisturizing lip balm to prevent dryness.

Strengthen your autumn skincare routine with Skøn's products and this 5-step guide, so that you achieve nourished and protected skin throughout the season. By prioritizing moisture and defense, you can fully embrace autumn's beauty without compromising on your skin care.


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