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Beauty starts with natural skin care - Achieve healthy and radiant skin the beautiful way

Natural and green products have become more and more in demand in recent years - and for good reason. We can all wish for healthier, better and more responsible skin care, and that is what we get when we choose the natural products. It is only good for us and the environment. We are seeing a growing trend of people choosing products that are free of harmful chemicals and produced under responsible conditions.

Avoid the boring chemicals!
As consumers, it is important that we take responsibility for our own health by avoiding harmful chemicals in our skin care products. Parabens, sulfates and phthalates are among the chemicals that we need to be aware of. These chemicals can have serious consequences for our health, including irritation, allergic reactions and hormone disruption. Therefore, it is important to read the ingredient list carefully and choose products that are free of these harmful substances.

Get healthy, radiant skin without compromising!
Fortunately, there is an increasing supply of responsible skin care in Denmark, and this gives us all a larger selection of natural skin care products to choose from. This means that we can be picky and demand the best from the products we use when it comes to natural skin care. It is great to know that we can get high quality products that do not harm us or the environment. There's no need to compromise our health when it comes to skin care, and that's exactly what these natural products allow us to do. So let's all give the environment and our health a hand and go for the natural skin care products – they will take good care of us both now and in the future.

Mina Ingerslev's secret to perfect skin with Skøn Skincare - A natural skincare range that is both active, effective and delicious to use!
Founder of Skøn Skincare, Mina Ingerslev, has had a lifelong love for nature's own healthy and powerful ingredients. It was therefore also a natural extension of a long working life with skin care and makeup, as well as product development, that Mina Ingerslev chose to developnatural skin care products consisting of several different products. Mina Ingerslev states: "For me, it has been crucial to develop a natural skin care range that is both active and effective, and which at the same time feels delicious and delicate to use, and which is of course based on natural ingredients. But it is also important to be be aware that even if something is natural, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot cause allergies. Natural ingredients can also cause allergic reactions. Therefore, natural skin care is just as complex in relation to developing recipes. It requires knowledge and it requires taking the right choices in relation to the choice of raw materials and their composition.

Products with or without fragrance at Skøn Skincare.
That is why you will find products that are composed correctly and products without and with fragrance at Skøn Skincare. Allergy sufferers cannot tolerate fragrances, whether they are natural or not. This is why we have products with and without fragrance. So people with delicate skin can still enjoy high quality fragrance-free products, while people who love fragrances and a real spa feel can get products with wonderful scents. The front of all unscented products is labeled 'Unscented', so you can easily see which products to choose to avoid fragrance. As Mina Ingerslev says, Skøn Skincare is a spa brand that creates the authentic spa atmosphere. I myself love fragrances in my daily skin care. When I use Restoring Anti Age serum under my night cream, I don't get too much fragrance on my skin at once than if there was also fragrance in my night cream and eye cream. But on the other hand, I enjoy a lovely, delicate spa scent that lifts me up mentally when I use the serums and body oils that have fragrance in them.


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