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Zoom Anti Age Body Serum - Restoring 2 in 1/100 ML

Anti Age Body Serum - Restoring 2 in 1/100 ML

349,00 kr
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Effective body serum with documented algae extract. Restoring body serum is designed for mature or extra dry skin that needs active and effective anti-aging care. The oil has a boosting and restorative of the skin's moisture balance.

· Recommended for dry or mature skin
· Contains proven anti-age active based on Wakame
· Helps rebuild the skin's barriers
· Is good for extra anti-age care on the décolleté, dry legs and arms
· 100% vegan

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Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed
Oil, Vitus Vinifera Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Topcopherol, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Undaria pinnati da extract, Parfum*, Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool
*=a blend of natural essential oils. Contains essential oil.

100% natural ingredients.
100% vegan.

Anti Age Body Serum - Restoring 2 in 1/100 ML

349,00 kr

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With age, the skin generally produces less sebum, so the décolleté, arms and shins, become dry and less supple. When the skin becomes extra dry, it loses its barrier and can therefore appear parchment-like and sometimes completely dull.

Therefore, Restoring body serum oil was developed with the aim of actively helping to rebuild the skin's barrier, as well as optimizing the skin's structure and general comfort. A natural form of anti-aging care for the body. 

The effect:

The combination of healthy fatty acids, antioxidants, algae extract and vitamins work together to nourish and provide additional care and moisture optimization. The extract has a boosting effect so that the result is an even and glowing skin that feels both soft and supple.


What is the difference between a body oil and a body serum?

Serum contains several active ingredients targeted at a given challenge . In this case, Restoing body serum contains Wakame algae extract. This is a proven active ingredient that helps the skin retain moisture and increase it.

That's why a body serum is the right choice if you have extra dry skin. A body oil can also help with not containing concentrated assets that work in a more targeted way. 

Why should you use serum for the body?

The skin on the body must have moisture and protection just like the skin on the face. Restoring body serum is intended for you which takes care of the face with anti-aging care. It is no different with the skin on the body, which also loses its own barrier and vitality.

A Restoring body serum has an extra moisture-optimizing effect and the seaweed extract has a boosting effect on the skin's surface so that the skin appears more even and glowing. 

Can Restoring body serum only be used for mature skin?

No, it is also for those of you who suffer from dry skin on the cup. Restoring Body Serum Oil is designed to moisturise, boost and optimize the skin's structure.

Dry skin often appears more dull and will therefore be able to benefit from Restoring's beneficial properties.  The serum works actively with moisture-optimizing care, which will work well for dehydrated and dry skin. 

Can you use Restoring body serum on the face?

No , not because something dramatic will happen, but there is a simple reason why you will find both face and body care products in any care range. That is why most, except multifunctional products, will be developed for one area. It is simply because the skin is different from face and body.

In addition, the skin is exposed to different influences. The skin on the body is wrapped in textiles and the face is free. The skin also absorbs products differently and therefore a product used incorrectly will not give the same effect and good feeling. 

How to use the product:

Restoring body serum

Take a small amount of body serum in the hands and spread on the body. Works optimally after the bath where the skin is still warm and moist.

1/ Only lightly rub the skin so that it is still slightly moist

2/ Pump a 3- 5 times and distribute the oil on the décolleté, arms and legs. 

3/ Massage the oil in so it is absorbed by the skin.

 4/ If you have areas where the skin is extra dry, you can apply a little extra on top of that.

Restoring body serum is recommended with:

Body Scrub - Crystal Peeling

We recommend that you use our Crystal body scrub once a week together with Restoring body serum oil. The combination of these two will optimize the skin and leave it extra soft and renewed. 

How to do it:

1/ Start by washing yourself in the bath. 

2/ Turn off the water and apply a suitable amount in your hands.

3/ Spread the Crystal Peeling cream on the body and exfoliate with your hands in small circles.

4/ Rinse off in the bath and then apply Restoring body serum oil. 

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