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Zoom Essential Oil - Celebration / 10 ML

Essential Oil - Celebration / 10 ML

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This fragrance is a unique blend of fresh lemon and peppermint, with a warm and pleasant middle note of Ylang Ylang that adds a faint and subtle floral scent. This fragrance is said to lift your spirits and fill you with energy and well-being.

· Used for aromatherapy to create an atmosphere of calm
· Used in a scented lamp as a room fragrance, or for sauna steam in the spa
· Kadd to a body or face oil to add fragrance to the oil
· Used in the washing machine rinse compartment to add a heavenly scent to the laundry
· 100% vegan

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Citrus Limon Peel Oil, Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil. Limonene, citral and linalool.

Essential Oil - Celebration / 10 ML

229,00 kr

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Enter a whole new world of sensual pleasure with essential oils. Use them professionally for sauna steam or facials to create the perfect spa atmosphere. Put a few drops of essential oils in your scent lamp or make an aromatic foot bath. Also pamper your skin by putting a drop of essential oil in a bowl of warm water and dipping a washcloth in it. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the warmth and aroma. Discover the magic of essential oils and enjoy this sensual experience.

The effect:

Celebration is an uplifting and fresh fragrance blend of essential oils composed with the primary purpose of oils said to create a light, open and encouraging atmosphere. This uplifting fragrance blend has top notes of lemon and peppermint and creates a joyous atmosphere. Since time immemorial, essential oils have been the natural choice when it comes to therapeutic medicine, and they emit a seductive, lovely and pleasant fragrance when used correctly.


Can you use essential oil directly on the skin?

It is important to bypass the oils correctly. It would not be a good idea to apply the oil directly the skin. It is regardless of which essential oil mixture you use. An essential oil is the very essence of a given plant part. It is a concentrate which in extreme cases can be allergenic if the oil is used directly on the skin.

Therefore, the essential oils must always be diluted either with oil or water, regardless of what the purpose of using the oil is.  

What is essential oil made of?

Essential oil means the natural version of a fragrance as opposed to synthetically produced fragrance oils. An essential oil is the essence of a plant part . This can be either from dried flowers, bark, a tree or shrub, or from the peel of the fruit. The method of preparation is in itself a science, which differs from plant part to plant part.

This can be done, for example, by cold pressing and steam distillation. The essential oil is extracted from these plant materials. To give an idea of how concentrated an essential oil is, over eight hundred rose heads must be used to produce no less than five ml of essential rose oil. That's why essential oils are small, rich and precious drops that must be used with care and in the right dosages.  

How do the ethereal scents work?

It is difficult to know and say exactly how the essential oils affect us. Scents are experienced subjectively and are based backwards on what we associate the different scents as they are often linked to experiences that we have had. One person may think that a scent is good while the other seems just the opposite.

Scents are stored in our memory, so good and bad memories can spring up when we encounter scents that we know from before. You probably also have some scents that trigger emotions. All kinds of memories that come to mind in a split second in connection with a scent you encounter. A scent of birthday buns and the joy of anticipation or the scent of one's first lover's perfume. Therefore, it is not difficult to agree that scents can do something to our moods, memory and mood. It is as essential oils are used for. Precisely to create these scents which would like to create some good associations and moods.

What is essential oil used for?

You can use essential oils in all the places where you actually want a fragrance. The easiest way at home and by using a scent lamp. It is used with water, where you then drip the oil into the subsequent. Guided measurement ratio is a maximum of six drops of oil to one liter of water. It is also not a stupid idea to put a few drops in the rinse chamber of your washing machine if the sheets are to smell of spa and joy.

If the essential oil is used for sauna gas, warm compresses or in a carrier oil, it is important that you stir well so that you are sure to distribute the essential oils. It is important that you are aware that the oil is evenly distributed and well mixed so that it does not get concentrated on the skin. Next, it is also important not to overdose as it can ruin the scent by simply taking up too much. 


How to use the product:

Essential oil - Celebration

Always ventilate before starting with your essential oils. In fact, the oils smell much better in fresh oxygen. Use about one to six drops of oil at a time to a liter of water. Better to use too little oil than too much. 

How to use the product: 

1/ Start by opening the window and change the air in the room.

2/ Turn the oil upside down and let the oil drops slowly drip from the dropper.

3/ Regardless of whether it is water or oil, it is recommended to use a maximum of one to six drops of oils.  

4/ The essential oil is then mixed around so that you are sure of an even distribution of the product.

Restoring face serum is recommended with:

Luxury body oil - Nourishing

Is If you love essential oils, you will surely also love our Nourishing body serum oil. A real luxury body oil with plant extracts, and of course a wonderful Moroccan essential chamomile. We therefore want to inspire a relaxing wellness moment with a real spa atmosphere. 

How to do it:

1/ Start by putting a few drops of Celebration in your scent lamp. 

2/ Then take a long and warm bath while you enjoy the fresh and open fragrance that spreads. 

3/. Gently pat the skin with a towel so that there are still some water beads left on the body. 

4/ Afterwards, massage Nourishing body oil into the skin while it is absorbed.  

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