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Zoom Massage / Gua Sha
Zoom Massage / Gua Sha

Massage / Gua Sha

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Gua Sha Metal is used to massage the face. With frequent use of Gua Sha, the blood flow is optimized and the waste substances are transported away, which promotes a beautiful and healthy glow.

· Can be used for all skin types
· Has an optimizing effect on the skin's structure
· Increases blood circulation
· Used to release tension


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Stainless steel.

Massage / Gua Sha

429,00 kr

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It must be said that Gua Shaen is a tried-and-tested massage tool, which with its Chinese roots goes back hundreds of years. Gua Sha simply makes it easier and more effective to drain away the waste materials, get hold of the sore points.

In addition, Gua Sha is relaxing for professionals when they carry out the massage, but also for the non-professional, as it is easier to grasp the muscles and make an effective and beneficial massage.

The effect:

But with age, all processes slow down, which also means the actual transport of waste substances, which can give the skin a duller complexion.

Swelling around the eyes can also occur. and this is where Gua Sha can help increase transport and thereby minimize swelling as well as promote glow. 


What facial oil should I use for my Gua Sha?

All of our face oils will work well with Gua Sha Metal. But the two oils that are preferred due to their nourishing profile are Argan Multi Oil and Baobab Face Oil.

Both oils give you a good opportunity for deep strokes, as well as a fine friction, so that you avoid the Gua Sha skating over the skin without getting a hold. Argan is preferable for skin with a tendency to be oily, while Baobab Face Oil recommended for drier skin. 

Can you use Gua Sha Metal for impure skin?

If you suffer from impure skin, either periodically or to a lesser extent, you can easily use Gua Sha. You just have to skip the areas where the skin has pimples or inflammation.

This is simply because if you are unlucky, the inflammation can spread. In addition, it is important that you keep your skin and the Gua Sha clean by cleaning both parts before you start.

What are the benefits of Gua Sha being in metal?

There are many benefits to Gua Sha is in metal. This is because metal is both heat and cold conductive. This means that when you have it in the bathroom where it will often get cold, it can be used in the morning to drain fluid and swelling around the eyes.

You can also rinse it in warm water where it is instead used for sore muscles and tension in the neck. In addition, the metal is easy to keep clean because the surface is smooth. 

How often should you massage your face?

It is generally good to massage just a few minutes with your hands every time you apply your face cream or oil. This is because you absorb the product much better. With continuous use of Gua Sha, a finer glow and healthier complexion is achieved.

As a starting point, we would recommend at least twice, but preferably four times a week to maintain the glow. To get something out of the massage, it is recommended to massage for at least five minutes, but a lot up to ten minutes.  

How to use the product:

Gua Sha

Start by cleansing the Gua Sha. Put some soap on it and wash, then rinse with either cold or warm water. 

1/ Start by cleansing the face. 

2/ Then put two to four drops of oil into the hands. 

3/ Distribute the oil on the face and on the décolleté.   

4/ Then start massaging the face and décolleté.

Restoring face serum is recommended with:

Night cream - Repair Microbiome

We recommend using our Crystal facial scrub once a week before using your Gua Sha. It will give the skin the optimal opportunity to absorb the face oil you massage in. The combination of these two will optimize the skin and leave it extra soft and with a healthy color.

How to do it:

1/ Start by cleansing the skin.

2/ Apply an appropriate amount of Crystal Peeling into the fingertips. 

3/ Massage the Crystal Peeling cream in small circular movements around the entire face.

4/ Rinse off and then apply the face oil and gently your Gua Sha Massage.  



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