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Zoom Multiolie - Argan / 30 ML
Zoom Multiolie - Argan / 30 ML

Multiolie - Argan / 30 ML

249,00 kr
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Argan Multi Oil is a must have. It is delicate and silky soft on the skin. The oil can be used for everything from the face to your dry hair tips or as a nourishing nail oil. A fantastic luxury oil for your daily skincare routine.

· Recommended for normal or combination skin and for those with dry hair
· High content of vitamin E
· Is good to use if the skin has been sunburned
· Perfume-free


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Ingredients: Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil.
Country of Origin: Morocco

Multiolie - Argan / 30 ML

249,00 kr

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Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruit of the argan tree. These are crushed and subsequently the kernels are pressed and become this wonderful oil. Although the oil comes from nut-like kernels, it is not a nut oil. Therefore, you can easily use Argan Oil if you have a nut allergy. 

The effect:

Argan oil just cannot be avoided. The skin becomes soft. Its good sebum-regulating effect creates balance. The strands become supple and the hair shiny. Your cuticles will also be soft and a pair of crisp nails will be happy. 


What is meant by "Dry Oil"?

Perhaps you have heard Argan being called "dry oil". This is due to Argan oil's special composition of essential fatty acids, which makes it quickly absorbed without being greasy. It pleases both the skin, hair, cuticles or nail plates. Therefore, Argan oil is one of those products that you cannot live without once you know the oil's wonderful effect. 

Can you use Argan oil on impure skin?

Yes you can. Actually with good results. Argan oil is a small miracle worker when it comes to problem skin. Its high content of omega 6-9 and the antioxidant vitamin E have made it the natural choice. It has a sebum-regulating effect and is then quickly absorbed by the skin without clogging or disturbing. Vitamin E is said to have a healing effect on the skin, and this is exactly where Argan Oil's extra high content can help. The oil creates calmness and provides optimal care for impure skin.  

Does Skøns Argan oil smell?

Honestly, Agan oil naturally has a characteristic smell that you often "perfume" yourself with. Therefore, it is also not appropriate when it comes to Argan oil to use a cold-pressed version. It will often have this particular scent that definitely doesn't get your thoughts in the direction of skin care. Therefore, Skøns Argan oil is a refined version. A refined luxury, where all the good fatty acids and vitamins are preserved and the smell removed. Our Argan oil therefore does not smell. 

Can you use Argan Oil on the scalp?

If you suffer from a dry scalp, you can benefit from using Argan oil which you distribute on the scalp. And, don't worry you won't wake up with a greasy scalp. Due to the oil's fatty acid composition, it is absorbed by the scalp, so the result is a balanced and healthier scalp. 

How to use the product:

Multiolie - Argan

We recommend that you use Argan Multi Oil during the day. If you have combination skin, it is recommended to use it alone. If you have dry skin but still suffer from impurities, use it at night or day cream. 

1/ Start by cleansing the skin.

2/ Take three to four drops of Argan Multi Oil into your fingertips.

3/ Rub your fingers together so that the oil is warmed.

4/ Then massage the product into the skin.

Argan Multi Oil is recommended with:

Renseolie - Nourishing

Because Argan Multi Oil is good for skin that suffers from impurities, the combination of our Nourishing cleansing oil is a good match . The cleansing oil contains a prebiotic extract which has a balancing effect while cleansing without disturbing the skin's microbiome. 

How to do it:

1 / Start by getting 2-3 pumps of the cleansing oil into your hands.

2/ Massage the oil into the face and then rinse with lukewarm water. 

3/ Pat afterwards with a clean towel.

4/ Then apply Argan Multi Oil to the face.

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