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Zoom Organic face oil - Baobab / 30 ML

Organic face oil - Baobab / 30 ML

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Organic Baobab is a wonderful creamy facial oil for your daily care. It is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin glowing and beautiful in an instant. Baobab is an absolute must-have either alone or on top of your day cream.

· Recommended for all skin types
· Cold-pressed luxury oil
· High content of antioxidants and essential fatty acids
· Perfume-free


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Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil.
Country of origin is from Senegal.

Organic face oil - Baobab / 30 ML

289,00 kr

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Baobab facial oil is a wonderfully luxurious oil that is rich and nourishing with a high level of omegas. The oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit of the Baobab tree. Our baobab oil is cold-pressed and unfiltered. This means that all the good nutrients are preserved in the absolute highest and best form, which makes the oil extra healthy and nourishing. 

The effect:

Baobab facial oil softens the skin in an instant and makes it glow healthy and vital. The creamy texture makes the oil work well under makeup, almost like a primer. 


When do I use the Baobab face oil?

The oil is great to use for several things. Either alone instead of a day cream or on top of this to take advantage of the beautiful glow the skin gets. It can also be dabbed on top of make-up, where it almost acts as a natural primer. 

Can you get impure skin from baobab oil?

Although baobab feels deliciously creamy, it does not contain any clogging fatty acids. Therefore, it is also a good oil for almost all skin types. It lays just as nicely and breathable on the skin and gives any skin a fine glow. 

What does cold pressed mean?

When an oil is cold pressed, it means the best version of an oil. That is the first pressure. Therefore, the oil may well be cloudy like the finest cold-pressed virgin olive oil. But it is just a sign of quality and proof that all the good nutrients have been preserved in the finest form. 


What does the Baobab face oil smell like?

Baobab oil in its own natural form has a faint scent of roasted nuts. As it is a 100% natural product, the scent will fluctuate from harvest to harvest. We have chosen not to add fragrance as baobab oil in its own pure form is a miracle oil that even delicate skin can benefit from. 

How to use the product:

Organic facial oil - Baobab

We recommend using Baobab facial oil during the day. Either alone or on top of your day cream. If the skin needs a glow it can be used as a natural form for primer, where it is dabbed on top of the makeup. 

How to do it: 

1 / Start by cleansing the skin.

2/ Take three to four drops of Baobab oil into your fingertips. 

3/ Rub your fingers together to warm the oil. 

4/ Then massage the product into the skin.

Baobab facial oil is recommended with:

Dagcreme - Repair Microbiome

Because Baobab oil itself is a breathable and almost liquid wax, it gives a visual glow on the surface of the skin. Therefore, it is a good helper for a skin which lacks visual vitality. A few drops on top of your day cream adds glow and health.  

How to do it: 

1/ Start with cleaning the skin.

2/ Then apply your day cream.

3/ Then with your fingertips, dab three drops on top of your day cream. 

4/ Then massage the product into the skin.

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