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Best anti age cream - Learn more about our two bestsellers

We have all dreamed of a younger appearance, but with age we not only get unwanted wrinkles, but also increased dryness and loss of elasticity. It requires care and protection. Anti-aging creams are developed with active ingredients in mind that do something extra for the skin. These are typically ingredients that moisturize the skin intensively, bind the moisture in the skin, stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin, strengthen the connective tissue or regenerate the skin to achieve a more elastic skin with less deep wrinkles.

Get ahead of the aging process - Find the Best anti age cream!
There are many anti-aging creams on the market, but when is it really appropriate to start using them? Can you start too early so that the skin gets care it doesn't need at all, or can you start too late so that the skin has already aged?  In this blog post, we take a closer look at our two suggestions for the best anti age cream.

That's why you must use anti-aging cream!
As you get older, the skin finds it harder to maintain and repair itself, and the skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity, fullness, strength and elasticity. The older you get, the laxer the skin on your face becomes, and you get wrinkles and lines. In addition, the skin also becomes drier with age because the skin's fat layer decreases. You cannot definitively put a number on when you should use anti-aging care products, as it is both the environment, lifestyle and DNA that determine how the skin ages... But a good indication is that when the skin starts to feel drier , then it is a good idea to start. This is where it comes in handy to use anti-aging creams that can add more moisture, firmness and elasticity to the skin.
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SKØN SKINCARE has developed these two Repair Microbiome day and night creams.
Repair Microbiome day and night cream is one of our most popular anti-aging products in the shop. It is an exclusive product designed to fight signs of aging such as wrinkles, dryness and loss of elasticity. The product contains good ingredients which help to create a supple, moisturised and nourished surface.
Benefits of Repair Microbiome day and night cream.
Both face creams contain Fensebiome™ peptide, which is a proven ingredient that helps improve the microbiome in the skin. The extract was developed by looking at the bacterial composition of healthy skin and thus trying to create a similar form of "food" for the skin's microbiome. The intention is to supply the skin's flora with the nutrition it needs to create the same conditions for the flora so that the skin is strengthened, happy and balanced. Therefore, the extract Fensebiome™ peptide can help to improve and optimize the skin, so that it appears v
ital, well maintained and well balanced.
What is the difference between day and night cream?
The skin is exposed to different influences depending on whether it is day or night. That is why the face creams have been developed for day and night respectively. The day cream is formulated to protect the skin from drying out and act as protection against external particles that you encounter during the day. The night cream has been developed to give you all the nourishment needed to rebuild the skin after the day's effects. When we sleep, our stress hormones are reduced, which provides better conditions for absorbing a richer form of nutrition.

Effective skin care solution: Repair Micobiome Day and Night Cream!
Repair Micobiome day and night cream an effective and versatile skin care solution that can help maintain a healthy skin balance! It's a combination of ingredients that work together to help repair, replenish and hydrate the skin, while also supporting its natural microbiome and protecting against harmful environmental conditions. We are lucky to have good reviews from customers and both creams have been nominated in the Danish Beauty Award mixed top five. Repair Micobiome day and night cream is a powerful tool to increase the skin's moisture level, glow and vitality. It's our absolute two on, Best anti aging cream for your care.


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