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Green Chemistry - How can one be responsible around chemistry and skin care?

Chemistry is an important part of our lives and many people choose to avoid chemicals when it comes to skin care and beauty products. In this blog post we will delve deeper into the details of what chemistry is and how natural skin care is still chemistry - just good chemistry. We will explore the meaning of the word green chemistry and share our thoughts on the health benefits associated with natural skin care in the form of good chemistry. With this post, we hope to give a clear picture of how you can be responsible around chemistry and skin care.

Chemistry and skin care?
Chemistry is a field of study that deals with how substances react to each other and how their properties change. It is a science that requires a basic knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry and the various substances involved. Chemistry plays a crucial role in all of our lives, as food, medicine, cosmetics, cleaning products and a wide range of other products are all chemical derivatives. Therefore, both natural and organic skin care products consist of chemical substances. These ingredients have gone through a series of processes that change the properties of the raw material and make them more usable and stable. 

What is Green Chemistry?
Green chemistry is part of modern chemistry that aims to reduce the environmental impact of chemicals. Here, the focus is on developing products and processes that are sustainable and less harmful to the environment. Green chemistry is about preventing environmental damage and achieving environmental benefits. By using green chemistry in skin care and beauty products, we choose a common path, with a more responsible choice, so that we can jointly take responsibility and reduce our environmental impact.

Natural skin care still Chemistry
Many people think that natural skin care products do not contain chemicals, but this is actually not the case. All substances used in beauty products are still chemical substances, even if they are of natural origin. Everything is chemistry, including organic ingredients. Natural ingredients still have chemical properties and must be processed and mixed properly to achieve the desired results. Green chemistry and good chemistry based on natural ingredients is a fantastic tool for creating environmentally friendly skin care products. 

How to choose between chemical and natural skin care products?
When choosing between chemical and natural skin care products, research the ingredients to ensure they are safe and environmentally friendly. It may be a good idea to read the labels to see what is in the product and be aware of harmful ingredients. etc. 

What does Skøn Skincare do to avoid harmful chemicals?
To ensure the best, we choose our raw materials and ingredients based on whether they are approved by either Ecocert, USDA or Nature. In this way, we can ensure that it is good chemistry all the way from the field to your dressing table. All our products originate from natural oils and ingredients.


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