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What is impure skin?

Impure skin is simply caused by the production of too much sebum, which settles in the pores and then turns into a blackhead. They are black and they are often located on the nose, cheeks and forehead. If inflammation occurs, you have a pimple. When the skin is degreased, the inflammation can spread more easily and in some cases go deeper into the follicles so that it ends up becoming a tender and painful pimple. Therefore, the Nourishing series works to strengthen the skin's own microbiome with documented ingredients, so that the skin thereby becomes stronger and better prepared.

 What causes impure skin?
In order to solve the problem, we need to establish exactly what unclean skin actually is and what can cause it. The main cause of unclean skin is hormones and will therefore also be unavoidable at times. This of course applies during puberty, around menstruation and menopause, genetics, make-up or a skin care product that has a clogging effect on the skin. It can also appear for no reason, food, etc. So if you are severely afflicted, it is important to map out what the cause is. But, one thing that you can start with is cleaning your skin the right way.  

 Since a pimple occurs when the skin's pore becomes clogged with sebum. Here you have what is called a blackhead.  If bacteria get into this, this combination will develop into regular inflammation and turn into a pimple. Therefore, it cannot be said enough that it is important that you clean both morning and evening in the right way, where the skin's own barriers are not removed. It is important so that the skin does not become vulnerable and not resistant enough. That is why we have designed our products based on the general idea that the skin's own flora must also be strengthened when you cleanse. Both our cleansing products, Nourishing Face Cleanser Oil and Gentle Face Cleanser Mask will cleanse without disturbing. The skin becomes clean, retains its barrier, while its botanical extract has a balancing and strengthening effect on the skin's microbiome.

 We recommend that you use Ghassoul which you stir up into a clay mask a few times a week. 




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