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Clay - Ghassoul / 200 ML

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Natural soaps that are used as a deep cleansing clay mask for the face or in the bath. It's for those of you who suffer from hair that frizzes way too quickly. Here the Ghassoul powder acts as an effective clay mask for the scalp.

· Effective and deeply cleansing clay mask 
· Has an exfoliating effect and is perfect for small bumps on the body
· Perfume-free
· 100% natural product consisting of minerals

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Clay - Ghassoul / 200 ML

269,00 kr

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Ghassoul is a pure and unprocessed raw material that has been used for millennia to clean and wash oneself with. It is very absorbent and has a gentle exfoliating effect on the face and body. For an effective treatment with Ghassoul, it must sit for min. 3. minutes and like up 5-10 minutes. But it also depends on how much water you have used together with the powder. But a good sign of care is that the mask starts to dry and become tight, then it must come off. If it stays on longer, you may get a little red skin for a short while afterwards. Make sure you keep the powder in the same jar it comes in.  

The ghassoul is best stored when it is dry and warm. Be aware that no water or moisture gets down to the minerals. Preferably use a plastic spoon that is easy to clean to stir up the Ghassoul. 

The effect:

A pure delight of minerals that exfoliate and clean the skin in the most natural and effective way. The health-giving and beneficial minerals provide a wonderful feeling of cleanliness. When Ghassoulen is used on the body, the skin becomes silky smooth and clear. It is good to use on impure skin due to its effective way of deep cleansing without destroying the skin's own balance.

An unruly scalp will benefit greatly from a scalp treatment and the effect here will be a more balanced scalp and less greasy hair.


What is the difference between Ghassoul and Rasul?

Rasul or Ghassoul is the same product but just named in different languages. Therefore, both Ghassoul and Rasul are mineral soaps available as flakes or in powder form.

Skøns Ghassoul is an Ecocert certified raw material, which is an extra refined version of the powder. It is sieved for small stones, so that it does not scratch the skin when you use it as a mask or soap in the bath. It is heat treated and is altogether wonderful and silky soft. 

How often should you use Ghassoul?

There is really no right or wrong in terms of how you use Ghassoul. But if you suffer from a scalp that quickly makes your hair greasy, then it is a good idea to use Ghassoul approximately between every third hair wash. It will help keep the hair cleaner so it doesn't get greasy or fall out as easily. When you use

Ghassoul as a clay mask for the face, especially if you suffer from impure skin, it is recommended to use Ghassoul at least once a week. You can also use the product in spots on top of a pimple. If you use the product as soap in the bath, you can use it as often as you prefer.   

Where and how to use Ghassoul?

Ghassoul can be used both for the face, body and scalp. When the powder is used as a clay brush, it is recommended that you use a few drops of Argan or Baobab oil. Both have to make the clay mask more gentle, as the Ghassoul absorbs effectively, but also because the texture becomes completely wonderfully delicious and creamy when the oil is added. The clay mask acts as a deep clean and works well for impure skin, small pimples and skin with a tendency to blackheads. You can also use the clay mask on the body in the bath to wash yourself with. It has a deep cleansing and exfoliating effect and is particularly good for small bumps on the arms and back. The skin then becomes beautifully soft and clear.

But it is also a completely indispensable product for a scalp with pimples, or if a lot of styling products are used, or for those of you who suffer from hair that gets greasy far too quickly. Here, the Ghassoluen will help to clean and cleanse in a healthy and incredibly effective way, which creates balanced skin.

What is Ghassoul?

Ghassoul clay is Moroccan volcanic dust, which consists of a mineral composition that is mainly based on silica and magnesia as well as a few other minerals. Skøns Ghassoul is a refined Moroccan clay extracted from dried volcanic rocks. It is filtered, rinsed and dried and finally heat treated, giving this nourishing, clean and silky powder. This wonderful composition of lava soil turns into cleansing soaps when you add water. The powder dish is used by stirring it up with water and possibly a few drops of oil, which are then smeared on the body. The Ghassoul sucks and cleans away all excess oil and dirt. Contrary to modern pH-friendly soaps, which have added detergents to be able to clean, then clean

The Ghassoulen at a slightly higher pH. Here you avoid the skin subsequently becoming dry as modern soaps can cause, as soaps ensure that the skin restores its barrier afterwards. It gives quite quickly a good feeling of cleanliness, but also skin that feels comfortable and not dry. 

How to use the product:

Sæbeler - Ghassoul

It is different how you use the product depending on whether it is for the scalp, or as a mask or soaps. Regardless of where the product is used, the best result is achieved by letting the mask rest for 10 minutes. before applying the clay mask. 

Recipe body: Measure 1:8 Mix a few spoonfuls of clay with 8 parts water. Stir it together into a watery mass. Leave it for 10 minutes. Spread it in a thin layer on the body. Let the Ghassoul sit for 3-10 minutes and rinse the clay off with water. The same recipe can be used for the scalp. Make sure that the clay mask only gets on the scalp itself and, as far as possible, does not touch the hair.  

Recipe face: As a face mask, it is recommended to use a few drops of Argan oil, which you put into the mask after you have mixed water and powder together. Measure 1:5. Leave the mask on for min. 3-10. 

1/ Use a clean spoon and bowl. 

2/ Put the powder in a bowl and add water and stir until it dissolves. 

3/ Let it stand and rest for min. 10 minutes before you use it either on the body or on the scalp.

4/ As a scalp mask, run fingers under the hair on the scalp without touching the hair strands.

Ghassoul soaps are recommended with:

Many oils - Argan

In connection with using Ghassoul as a clay mask, it is recommended to use a few drops of Argan oil.

Here's how you do it:

1/ Put one part powder and five parts water in a bowl. 

2/ Then stir until it is mixed well. Then add 2-3 drops of Argan multi oil and stir. 

3/ Let the mask rest for 10 min. After which the face mask is applied in an even layer.

4/ Leave the mask on for min. 3-10 minutes. Wash off and apply 2-3 drops of Argan multi oil to the face.

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