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Zoom Ointment - Multi Balm / 50 ML

Ointment - Multi Balm / 50 ML

229,00 kr
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An extra rich and nourishing luxury ointment for all distressed skin based exclusively on moisturizing oils and a wonderful berry wax. The ointment acts as a protective barrier on irritated, delicate and dehydrated skin.

· Works as a breathable barrier for dry and delicate skin
· Use topically on dry and rough areas
· Can be used for baby
· 100% vegan
· Fragrance-free

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Butyrospermum Parki Butter, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Mangifera Indica Seed Butter, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Stearyl Stearate (duck) Rhus Verniciflua Peel Cera (duck) Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil (duck) Hydrogenated Castor Oil (duck) Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Tocopherol.

99.9% From Natural Ingredients.
85% From Organic Ingredients.
100% Vegan.

Ointment - Multi Balm / 50 ML

229,00 kr

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Multi Balm is a must have for the whole family. The salve is multi-purpose and used topically. It contains fixed luxury oils and a combination of vegetable carnauba and berry wax. This berry wax comes from the fruits of the Japanese sumac bush and carnauba wax comes from the leaves of the carnauba palm from which the wax is scraped off .

These together create this firm consistency which becomes the protective and breathable guard. In combination with jojoba and vitamin E, you get this wonderful salve. A healthy combination of breathable protection and care. 

The effect:

Because the ointment is without water reduces the evaporation from the skin which helps the skin not to dehydrate. This has a positive influence on the outermost layer of the skin which is allowed to recover. That's why Multi Balm is a must have as a protector for vulnerable skin.

With regular use, the skin becomes more supple and soft. The brittle skin is given more strength and feels overall more comfortable and velvety. The effect is a more comfortable and strengthened skin. 


Can Multi Balm be used in freezing weather?

Multi Balm is formulated without water so that you can use it in frosty weather without damaging the skin. It is perfect to use as a protective barrier against the cold on the cheeks when you are cycling or spending a lot of time outside. On the ski holiday on top of your sunscreen, it also acts as a protective shield against the cold.


How do I use Multi Balm for Baby?

The ointment again contains water and is therefore good for red and irritated skin. It could be a sore baby bottom, a pair of cheeks that wear out from condensation from the pacifier, or sore nipples where the skin becomes porous in connection with breastfeeding. Multi Balm is based exclusively on rich and protective oils, natural wax and vitamin E. 

Where to use Multi Balm?

Multi Balm can be used by anyone with dry and delicate skin. It is used, for example, on dry hands, cracked nails and cuticles or on a cracked heel. It works well as a protector on thin and parchment-like skin.

A mature skin that is ultra-dry and has difficulty retaining its own moisture will greatly benefit from the salve's nourishing properties. Used on top of a night cream, it further helps retain moisture.  

Is Multi Balm sticky or greasy?

Multi Balm is an ointment that is extra fat and rich in fixed oils like shea and coconut and natural waxes. These are all slowly absorbed which is what helps exposed skin. For this slower absorption, the protective layer is created throughout the day or night. So yes, the ointment has a different and thick consistency.

It is formulated with delicate luxury oils, so even though the consistency is firmer, Multi Balm is both breathable and provides lots of nourishment, which leaves the skin soft, strengthened and more supple. 

How to use the product:

Luxury ointment - Multi Balm

Make sure your hands are clean. The amount you apply depends on whether it is a small or large area. However, be aware that you need to use a smaller amount than you are used to, as the ointment is compressed and extra rich.

1/ Start by washing your hands or the area where the ointment is to be applied.

2/ Take a small amount in your hands and apply the ointment to the exposed skin.

3/ After this, it is important to massage the ointment in, as it is then easier to be absorbed.

4/ If the ointment is definitely to be used as a cold protection, an extra discreet layer can be dabbed on top of the cheeks afterward.

Restoring face serum is recommended with:

Ghassoul - sæbeler

We recommend that you use our Ghassoul soaps once a week together with Multi Balm. This is not for babies, but for you who have rough spots on the body. The combination of these two will optimize the skin because Ghassoul are cleansing soaps that "provoke" or to put it another way way kick-starts the skin to rebuild its own barrier.

How to do it:

1/ Start by stirring a water-based Ghassoul mask into a bowl.

2/ Then massage the mask and apply on the exposed area, for example rough spots, arms or back of the hand.

3/ Wait to rinse off after approx. 2-5 minutes.

4/ The skin is then patted dry and Multi Balm is applied and massaged in.

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