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What is prebiotic skin care?

With us you will find several prebiotic skin care products. You do this for a special reason.

Because it is about new knowledge about the skin's own health and barriers. The skin's bacteria must be stimulated and nourished so that the skin is balanced and healthy.

Layers of the skin:
But first we need to get the details in place. Your skin consists of three layers. The epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. This is your membrane which, in addition to regulating the temperature, protects the skin against all external influences. On this barrier you will find the skin's bacteria. The skin's microbiome consists of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Yes, it may not sound so delicious, but the health of your skin depends on a balanced and healthy bacterial flora.

Balancing skin care:
Therefore, the idea with prebiotic skin care is that the products should not disturb the skin's bacteria, but instead nourish and stimulate them. What we normally associate with traditional skin care is often about cleaning all skin fat, so that the skin subsequently appears dry, tight and stripped of moisture. This can be with products that contain soap actives, alcohol or various detergents. From here you can then build up with different types of moisture. But such a treatment, seen with prebiotic skin care eyes, only interferes with the fact that all the bacteria are removed. The idea of our skin care is to strengthen the skin's flora.

The idea behind our product development:
When we design products, we work from several levels. Here, of course, we focus on vitamins, antioxidants and potent assets. But the overall philosophy is that our products should not disturb the skin's own microbiome. This is regardless of whether it is a cleaning product or care product. So when you cleanse the skin in a Skøn cleansing product, the skin is cleansed without being stripped of moisture and thereby losing its barrier. The skin becomes clean, but just a little cleansed and nourished. Because the basic idea is to promote, protect and rebuild. Because thin and vulnerable skin is more exposed to faster degeneration. Therefore, a healthy Anti Age care starts with a balanced flora. Because regardless of age, the health of your skin depends on a balanced microbiome, which ultimately results in the finest and most beautiful skin.  


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