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An effective detox treatment for hair and skin

This treatment is for you who need an effective cleansing treatment. A deep cleanser that either helps you with a tendency for your hair to get greasy too quickly or you with pimples and rough skin on your body. 

Products: 1 plastic or wooden spoon and a small bowl, Ghassoul and Restoring Serum Body Oil.

Coming The Ghassoul i ho the wood for approx. 3-8 min. before a bath, you get the scalp deeply cleansed, so that the hair does not get greasy and frizzy the following time. In addition, it also gives a lift to the hair which will feel thicker and fuller.

When you get it on the scalp, make sure you don't get the mask out in the hair strands themselves.  You wash it out with shampoo and then conditioner in the ends of the hair.

How to do you:

Measurement ratio spoon 1:6
Take 1 tablespoon Ghassoul with top of the Ghassoul and 6 tablespoons of water in a bowl and stir it into a homogeneous mass. Spread the mask on the scalp. Let it sit for 3-8 min. And then wash off in the bath.

Take the rest of the Ghassoul and spread it over the areas where the skin is rough or has bumps. If you have time, let the Ghassoul sit in until it solidifies. If not, you can simply take with the soap in the bath and wax the body. It deeply cleanses and exfoliates and the skin is left clean, exfoliated and clear.

Finally, we recommend our delicious anti age body oil, Restoring, which, in addition to its content of algae extract, which increases the skin's moisture level, works smoothing, softening and moisturizing on the skin.

Result: Mega, mega and mega very soft skin.

Have fun 💚



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