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A wonderful Gua Sha facial massage

Facial massage can not only restore the glow, but can also have a lifting effect on the facial muscles and give the skin and muscles a beautiful lift. In addition, you get the products deeper into the skin, so you benefit more from the active ingredients.  That is why we have created a facial massage that will serve as inspiration and a real wellness session.

Products: Cleansing product, Facial oil and Gua Sha,

Note: The direction of the massage is upwards, and before you finish you can run the Gua Sha down the side of the face towards the lymph nodes in the armpit and thereby help to transport the waste products away. 

  1. Star cleans the skin on the face and décolleté.
  2. Make sure you sit well, warm and comfortable.
  3. Then put 5-7 drops of facial oil in your hand. Warm the oil in your hands and spread it on the face and décolleté.
  4. Close your eyes and breathe deeply into your stomach three times.
  5. Place the Gua Sha in the center just above the chest and run the curved part of the Gua Sha out to the shoulders 3 times. First to the left and then to the right.
  6. Take the small short side of the Gua sha with the two small arches and run from the shoulder up towards the neck on both sides. Mine. 3 times.
  7. Run the same side along the jaw on both sides. Repeat this movement as many times as you like until the jaw feels relaxed.
  8. Then run the reverse curved side of the Gua Sha in strokes from the middle of the chin and up the cheeks to the tendon 3 times.
  9. Place the Gua Sha along the nose and run it in a slight arc under the cheekbone and out towards the ear.
  10. Gently run the Gua Sha in half circles around the eye. First with the reverse curved part under the eye from the corner of the eye outwards, so that you hit both the cheek and the eye area. Subsequently along the brow with the small double-curved side which is run along the brow and out towards the tendon. Repeat this 3 times.
  11. Place the double curved side of the Gua Sha at the start of the nose and run up the forehead towards the hairline.
  12. Use the curved side and run up from the brow towards the hairline on both sides.
  13. Then, on both sides, run the curved part from the middle of the forehead out to the tendon and down the long side of the face towards the neck and finish at the armpit. Do this on both sides.
  14. Rinse the Gua Sha and use it on the neck and massage from the neck down to the beginning of the back. Repeat as many times as you want. This tag works especially well if you tend to have tension and headaches. 
  15. Leave the facial oil on so it can care for your skin for the rest of the day.


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