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What is actually meant by the word anti age?

Whether you want to look 10 years younger or simply accept age-related changes, the skin needs optimal care. All processes in the body slow down as we age, but let's focus on the skin and what happens when it ages. 

What happens to the skin?
Simplified described, all processes take place at a reduced pace. This of course applies to the whole body, but here we zoom in on the skin and what actually happens when the skin ages. When we are young, the skin looks fresh and clear, it is resilient and can almost have a luminous glow about it. This is because the actual formation of the cells takes place at a constant pace. Cells are rejected and new ones are added quickly, so the skin therefore looks fresh and clear over time. With age, this constant cell formation slows down. A constantly decreasing level of skin cells means that the total number is reduced, so that over time there are fewer cells to retain moisture. Therefore, the skin becomes drier and thinner and sometimes completely parchment-like.

Age changes occur in all layers of the skin.
The connective tissue literally connects the body's organs, tendons and tissues. This is in our younger years fixed and coherent. But the tissue also loses its strength and becomes less elastic and is ultimately responsible for the laxity that the skin gets and is what causes wrinkles.

Can you do something?
Yes, plenty. If you are younger and reading this text, then the best advice is to prevent and protect! This applies equally to the choice of skin care and makeup as your lifestyle of food, sleep, alcohol, smoking and sun. But, this text is not a raised finger, lifestyle plays an active role in how we age.

Are you where the age changes are happening?
Now is the time for your skin care to be more targeted towards these challenges, which are listed below here:

  • Slower processes
  • Dry skin
  • Thin skin
  • Lack of glow
  • Lack of suppleness

So how can we approach it?

Slower processes:
Here it is the slower cell renewal that requires a good peeling 1-2 times a week. However, because the skin is thinner and its defenses are therefore not as resistant, it is important that you only use a peeling with rounded grains, which exfoliate without scratching. Here we have developed our Crystal Face Peeling, which can help you remove the dry skin and at the same time have a nurturing effect.

Another and important thing when we talk about slower processes is the the transport of waste materials. Maybe you know about swollen eye areas or that the skin is generally less glowing. This is where Gua Sha Metal is fantastic. It is used by scraping it over the skin in upward strokes. The cooling metal is good for accumulated fluid around the eye. It generally helps to increase blood flow so that you can transport the waste products away faster. The result is glowing skin. See possibly our Gua Sha Massage guide.

Thin and dry skin:
Here it is extra important,  that you use a cream with barrier-building assets and healthy oils that can protect the skin. Because when the skin is thin, the barrier is "damaged" and therefore it becomes central in your continued anti-aging care when it comes to prevention. In addition, a barrier cream helps  the skin so it can retain moisture better. Both our face creams are double barrier anti age creams. Repair Microbiome Day and Night.

Lack of glow and suppleness:
When there are fewer skin cells to retain moisture in the skin, the skin becomes dull faster in the outer skin layer. Therefore, it is important that the care both helps to keep and increases the moisture in the skin. That is why we have developed Restoring Serum Oil, which contains a seaweed extract that works in the same way as hyaluronic acids, but is simply extracted from seaweed. It keeps and increases moisture. It is used under your night cream.

But the suppleness of the skin is also declining. Here is a fantastic tool, Face Yoga, where you train the facial muscles. We have 97 facial muscles, all of which benefit from being activated and trained. By making them strong, it will help the firmness of the musculature itself.

Lack of suppleness and glow can be helped along the way by face oils. They lie for a longer time just below the skin's surface and slowly work their way in and are absorbed quietly throughout the day. They help to optimize the skin's glow, boost, but also the comfort and suppleness of the skin itself. Here we can highly recommend our Baobab Face Oil, or Silky Smooth Serum Oil, which is dabbed on top of your day cream.

A beautiful skin does not depend on age and wrinkles, but glow and health

When we have to define what beautiful skin is, it is unconditionally its glow and health . It's not whether we have wrinkles or not, we actually think that wrinkles can be beautiful, especially when the skin is radiant. That's why when we develop anti-aging care, it's the glow, health, comfort and suppleness of the skin that are central. Objective is that your skin should shine beautifully, og the products have a protective and regenerative effect, and of course it must be via natural raw materials and ingredients.




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